About Us

“Canada Iran Business Association”, established in 2016, is a non-governmental and non-profit institution based on Canada and Iran’s commercial laws, especially in the areas of commerce, business, industry, agriculture, and tourism, so as to create and expand a suitable environment for the cooperation of businessmen and commercial corporations in Iran and Canada, as well as investment exchange between them.
The association is a legal entity in Canada the main duty of which is to pave the way for developing businesses in Iran and Canada. The association (CIBA) takes any actions in order to facilitate commercial communications and develop businesses in the two countries.
The association is a private institute that has been registered at the federal and provincial levels in Canada. Moreover, it has been approved by the ministry of foreign affairs of Canada and it has been running activities in Iran under the supervision of the ministry of foreign affairs of Iran as a registered branch of a Canadian institute.

A reliable bridge for the development of trade relations between Iran and Canada.

Some of the most important reasons for founding the association:
• Promotion and facilitation of commercial ties between Iran and Canada
• Creating a safe database for developing economic ties of the two countries
• Establishing an arbitration authority for commercial contracts concluded between the two countries for the purpose of mutual legal supports and guarantees so as to ensure investment safety and develop commercial ties between parties
• Verification and assessment of Iranian companies applying for cooperation and investment with Canadian businessmen and also verification of Canadian companies for Iranian parties
• Leading businesses, facilitating communications and providing assistance for an effective networking
• Making efforts to remove business and commercial impediments between the two countries and following up on it via competent authorities
• Identification and presentation of members’ competencies to the commercial counterpart
• Introducing the potentials existing in the two countries for the purpose of mutual and fruitful business for running businesses

Some of the most important functions of the association:
• Coherent and concentrated communications as well as information exchange in order to facilitate the relations among managers
• Creating an up-to-date website, publishing bilingual bulletins (Persian – English) and a magazine for publishing the most important news and articles on commerce and business as well as other joint interests
• Professional monitoring and selection of information in the both countries so as to nominate new business opportunities to businessmen
• Holding conferences and sessions with senior and executive managers of the two countries
• Contributing in holding and managing exhibitions and other similar activities in accordance with related regulations, helping institutions, organizations as well as Iranian and Canadian natural and legal entities interested in participation in international exhibitions to be held in Iran and Canada or in a third country in line with the goals of the association
• Making efforts to settle the disputes arising from economic relations among natural and legal entities in Iran and Canada through establishing reconciliation and if no reconciliation is reached, encouraging parties to settle disputes via the arbitration of the association

The association aims at developing business ties between the two countries in industrial, commercial, mining, agricultural, service and bilateral investment sectors.
Enjoying an independent legal nature, the association abides by the rules and regulations of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture as well as its national and international policies. Having knowledge about the current regulations in similar areas in Iran and complying them, the association has taken actions so as to develop economic relations.