Service Provision for Commercial Visas & Exhibition Services

If the internal members of the association are qualified, they can enjoy the services regarding valid letters of invitation and commercial visa to participate in Canadian markets and capital research. For enjoyment of such services, consultation sessions must be held by the association experts.

In line with helping domestic industries of the country, CIBA nominates the most famous exhibitions in Canada.

  • General Services:
    • Providing initial consultative services for appropriate exhibition selection
    • Accurate goal setting and planning in all stages
    • Drawing up contracts and renting booths, selecting a plan and booth manufacture if required
    • Managing human resources in and out of booths
    • Providing human resources with required trainings
    • Professionally contact with potential customers
    • Advertisements in social media
    • Trying to benefit from advertising facilities such as posters, catalogs, tabloids as well as billboards

  • Subsidiary Services:
    • Drawing up and sending business letters of invitation
    • Providing consultative services during receiving a visa
    • Providing consultative services regarding legal, customs and marketing affairs
    • Providing an interpreter as of your arrival at Canada and during your accommodation in Canada, providing interpreting services to manage a booth
    • Visiting sightseeings in Canada
    • Reserving ticket, hotel and providing transportation services during your travel
    • Providing accommodational services in Canada