Commercial & Business Services

In the current age, companies and individuals should be acquainted with the principles of official commercial and international correspondences as well as technical terms and expressions for attending international and multinational markets. Canada Iran Business Association enjoys a strong knowledge and experience and is able to evaluate the market and then determine the status of companies and brands regarding international markets and market penetration in North America. Canada Iran Business Association, enjoying a strong background and experience as well as up-to-date information, tries to provide its members with required consultations regarding lucrative commercial opportunities.

The most important services are outlined as follows:

Our life has deeply interlaced with transportation. Many people do not have any information in this regard. But if your profession is connected with transportation, it is essential for you to know about incoterms in shipment clearance and customs affairs as well as the responsibilities to be borne by the seller or buyer.
You should be familiarized with the required formalities and the regulations of departure and destination. Moreover, evident documents indicating export of goods to the destination as well as other documents must be provided.
All the matters help you to save your time and cost and appropriately enjoy the previous experiences. 

In international trade, mutual trust is construed as the most significant element and business correspondence is the main way to establish trust in the other party or take away the party’s trust. As cultures and nationalities of parties are different, a simple misunderstanding may result in losing their trust. 

You might have heard frequently that some companies only sell their products to the Canadian government and they transact with the government or semi-governmental sectors. Accordingly, entering to this sector by a legal complex requires necessary knowledge, expertise and experience. 

Registering brands and products in the North America is of paramount importance and it includes many merits hereof. Preservation of the rights pertaining to your product and your brand, loan collection, becoming popular and famous among different people and countries and exporting products with registered brand or logo are the some of the merits. Moreover, in this way, you can sell the products of your brand so as to obtain more profit with less cost.
Canada is one the countries which is a member of Madrid Union. So, extension of international registration of a trademark is possible for this country through Madrid System.
Moreover, what is definite is that brand registration will result in lower marketing costs and higher profits as well.

In accordance with the International Trademark Registration System (Madrid System), a trademark is checked by consideration of domestic regulations of each country and then, it arrives to an international domain. This means that international registration of a trademark is registered, in a first place, in the country of origin and it is automatically registered in an international level by determining the target country. The benefit of this system is that an applicant may join WIPO through submission of an international declaration via the industrial property department. Moreover, if you are willing, you can lodge your request and obtain protection for your trademark in 85 member countries of Madrid Protocol based on your choice.
Therefore, the merit of its usage is simple, cheap and effective. This means that obtaining and providing support for a trademark or the services in the country determined in the request form is possible through a unified international application in French, English or Spanish and payment of a tariff in Swiss franc.
Moreover, if a change is made in the registered trademark by the holder including changes in name, address, ownership, extension or etc., these changes can be made through completing related forms and payment of a cost for changes in an international level.

One of the most important services provided by the association is registration of companies in Canada. The association is able to register various companies for its members in Canada. It is possible to do so for the association’s members through an Iranian passport without presence in Canada. These services are defined based on the applicant’s need and then, you can open a bank account in one of the valid Canadian banks, Prime Bank. CIBA can keep the company in an active state on behalf of the applicant and provide the services regarding annual tax returns as well as other items required by a company in Canada.

There are many benefits regarding running a business and registering a company in Canada, some of which are as follows:

  • Accreditation via making trade with the entire world with an unlimited trade capability in line with observation of the Canadian laws
  • Having a job as of entrance commencement and creating occupational opportunities for others
  • Opening bank accounts or a credit account and providing commercial transactions with the entire world as a Canadian businessman
  • Possibility for receiving bank loans with low interests
  • Possibility for receiving governmental aids for entrepreneurship plans
  • Possibility for receiving Canadian residency for the entrepreneur himself / herself and his / her family

*** Generally, a company or a business can be registered in Canada through several methods. But, it is to be noted that registration of any types of company may affect collection of banking services or tax payment in future.

  • Searching for the name of the company that has not been registered before.
  • Preparing documents and articles of association of the company based on the type of the company and number of partners
  • Announcing an official address for the company (Canada Iran Business Association is able to provide an official address for your company)
  • Registering the company and collecting required approvals
  • Preparing and registering the first report of the session of the company’s directors and last changes made in the first month as of the establishment date
  • Officially registering the website of the company
  • Collecting tax identification number
  • In case of recruitment of individuals, collecting individual tax number specified for employees is required.
  • In case of import and export, collecting a tax number for customs affairs is required.
  • Collecting provincial tax number if required (for domestic sales)
  • Preparing official booklets and documents of the company
  • Preparing share documents of the company
  • Preparing the seal of the company and registering it
  • Registering the trademark and logo of the company

i) Entrepreneurship

    • Providing assistance for having a full business plan along with developed market and feasibility studies
    • Providing consultations for a predefined business plan
    • Receiving representatives from accredited companies and purchasing a franchise

In Canada, there are more than 800 various franchise including food supply to gas stations. About 60% of Canadian restaurants are in the form of franchise. Food brands running their activities in Canada and other countries are among the famous franchises around the world which are of paramount importance in terms of income generation and demand. One of the services provided by Canada Iran Business Association is facilitation of purchasing famous Canadian brands and their transfer to Iran. 

ii) Franchise Purchase

    • Consultation in the area of franchise selection
    • Negotiation for purchase
    • Receiving franchise
    • Purchasing equipment required for running a franchise in Iran

iii) Purchasing an Independent Business

If you are willing to purchase an independent business in Canada, the experts of the association enjoy the required expertise and sources for providing you with consultation and accompaniment in all stages (from searching an appropriate business to contract draw-up).
The consultative affairs for purchasing an appropriate business:

    • How to know that a business is appropriate for you
    • What kind of financial sources to be used for business development
    • How to decrease risks

iv) The consultative services for market study including research and studies are as follows:

    • Market size, share and segmentation
    • Competition in national and international markets
    • Product idea
    • Product price
    • Consuming habits of Canadians
    • Product quality and packaging in Canada
    • B2B & B2C Research
    • Branding
    • Legal limitations and required permissions

v) Providing consultation and a strategic plan for business development after business analysis

Another service provided by CIBA for the applicants living in Canada with various businesses in all areas is provision of appropriate consultative services for the purpose of development and profitability of your business. This means that the association analyzes your business and makes plan for development and profitability of your business.