Specialized Committees of Canada Iran Business Association

Nowadays, one of the most important topics is international transportation in the current world. Also, international transportation includes various considerations between Iran and Canada and members of the association may require groupage services. In this regard, the association tries to keep your information up to date and provide you with useful solutions so as to decrease costs of transportation. In the current age, supply chain is the most significant pillar of every business and, in case of any fault in this part, the business will face many problems.
In this part, besides all these cases, we are trying to establish a drop shipping relationship between a manufacturer and members of the association in Canada so as to increase the export volume from Iran to Canada as much as possible.

In the North America, sales and marketing are the most important parts of every business. If you are not active in this part, you will be unsuccessful in the market. Sometimes, sales and marketing process imposes a lot of expensive costs. In this part, we try to decrease your costs and provides you with the experiences of others. In addition to these matters, the association members in Iran can enjoy the services of a company or a complex in the North America in the form of partnership for distribution, sales and marketing so as to divide the cost among the members and to be seen insignificant. So, the association has provided such facilities. Moreover, in this part, a Canadian website as well as a Canadian telephone number applicable in Iran will be provided.
Sometimes, having information about governmental tenders may help to cover governmental needs. Manner of participation in tenders and prompt notification hereof shall be fulfilled in this part.

Money transfer through legal ways has been construed as a significant challenge for Iranian exporters in order for their foreign currency return. Moreover, existence of the organizations like FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) has caused that the Iranian companies are not able to have economic transactions with Canadian businesses officially. In this part, we try to provide you with the most appropriate solutions, registering and sharing the experiences of the other association members.
The other part of this committee is the issue of the Canadian taxation laws with many complexities and considerations. If they are observed and if you have information in this regard, it can bring you thousands of dollars in terms of economic savings.
The issue of finance in some projects is of paramount importance. This part also tries to facilitate the issues for its member in the best way in attracting financial resources from sectors like Business Development Bank of Canada, Export Development of Canada or other Canadian financial institutions.

Both at the provincial and federal levels, the Canadian government always provides financial assistance (governmental fund) for various types of plans and projects. Attracting such assistances and being aware of them are construed as a special and costly expertise. In this part, lots of assistance are provided for the members in attracting these resources along with prompt notification regarding the existence of such plans.