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The seminar “Innovative Strategies for Accelerated Success”

سمینار راهکارهای خلاقانه در شهر تورنتو

The seminar “Innovative Strategies for Accelerated Success” was held on Friday, December 1, 2023, in Toronto. Organized by Globallink Holding in collaboration with the Canada-Iran Business Administration (CIBA), the seminar was uniquely structured into two distinct parts.

In the first segment, the program’s host, Mahnaz Alikhani, extended a warm welcome to the guests, expressing gratitude for their presence amidst challenging weather conditions. She introduced CIBA and Globallink Holding, elucidating the synergy between the two organizations and the motivation behind hosting such events. This was followed by the customary introduction round, where attendees shared insights into their business sectors and professional endeavors.

Mohammad Vahidirad, director of Canada-Iran Business Association (CIBA )and Legal and Financial Director at Globallink, was the first to address the gathering. He delved into the association’s essence, its storied history, and international accomplishments, highlighting the pivotal role of Globallink Holding in this context. Majid Ghalamshahi, the Director of Technology and Innovation at Globallink Holding, followed with a presentation emphasizing the company’s crucial role in supporting new businesses and startups, focusing on the importance of team building and collaborative efforts.

Habib Mousavi, the Executive Director of the Trade Department at Globallink Holding, was the third speaker. He spotlighted modern trade’s new strategic principles, emphasizing the importance of leveraging innovative solutions and advanced marketing methodologies. The segment also featured highlights of the achievements from the October seminar.

The networking segment of the seminar subsequently unfolded, providing participants with an excellent opportunity for dynamic discussions and idea exchanges.

In the seminar’s second part, an animated video case study of a logistic business in Toronto, boasting 16 years of experience, was showcased. Majid Ghalamshahi conducted an in-depth analysis of the company’s current valuation, considering various financial data and scenarios. Habib Mousavi presented a comprehensive evaluation of the business using the Business Model Canvas, focusing on its transition to a digital and automated app. He categorized the business’s needs into seven distinct areas, inviting participants with relevant expertise in any of these domains to volunteer for collaboration in this project. This initiative was met with remarkable interest and participation, resulting in 10 volunteers committing to the startup project.

Each speaker and volunteer subsequently engaged in a Q&A session, addressing queries posed by the host and seminar participants.

This seminar, extending over three hours, was hosted at the Improve Mall of Canada in Toronto. The creativity and innovative approaches employed during the program garnered significant appreciation and active participation from the attendees.

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